Consumers powering a clean future

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Clean renewable energy is the future. But the transition to a world entirely powered by clean energy needs to happen quickly to prevent catastrophic climate change. As consumers, we have tremendous collective power to accelerate this change by shifting our energy dollars away from fossil fuels based energy systems and toward clean renewable energy for ALL our energy consuming products.

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Its time for a new ‘R’

While waste reduction and energy efficiency are important actions, it is time to add a new strategy to inform and encourage consumers to stop burning fossil fuels and REPLACE them with the clean renewable energy alternatives that are available today.


The REPLACE concept

Scientists agree we need to cut our carbon emissions by 80% as soon as possible. The vast majority of global emissions come from our energy systems: burning fossil fuels for Electricity, Transportation and Heat.

Clean, attractive alternatives exist today which are affordable and outperform their fossil fuel burning counterparts.

You can be an important part of accelerating the world to a clean future by ELIMINATING the SOURCES of emissions in your life.

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Nearly 1/3rd of our emissions come from burning dirty coal and natural gas for electricity.

You could power your home with 100% clean renewable electricity for only pennies of additional cost per day.



Another 28% of our emissions come from burning petroleum for transportation - primarily from the cars and trucks we drive.

Electric Vehicles create 60% fewer emissions than gasoline powered cars. EV’s powered with renewable electricity create ZERO emissions.

You could help transition the world to clean electric transportation and save thousands of dollars in operating costs per year.



Burning dirty natural gas for heat accounts for nearly another 1/3rd of our total emissions.

New heat pump technology makes heating our homes and our water with electricity 3-5 times more efficient than heating with gas.

You could comfortably heat your home with clean renewable energy, help transition the world to a clean energy future, and save hundreds of dollars per year in utility bills.

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The REPLACE strategy focuses on the largest sources of emissions - Electricity, Transportation and Heat. By REPLACING your own dirty fossil fuel burning products with clean electric powered alternatives you are eliminating your direct emissions and accelerating the world to a clean future.

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You may be able to act on this information right away which is ideal, but for many the purchase of a new car or furnace or water heater may be months or even years away. Some people do not even own houses or cars but are still concerned about these issues. The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do with this information is to share it with the people you know - your friends and family who are concerned about this problem too, so that they are armed with the facts when it comes time for them to make these purchasing decisions.