Happy Earth Day!

Knowing we may be overwhelmed with calls to action and dire news on this day, we are sending you some hopeful information and signs of growing progress towards climate change solutions. Much of this news is specific to the US, but these encouraging trends are global.

To help accelerate this progress - please make sure you are signed up for 100% renewable energy from your electric utility and visit ReplaceNow.org to learn how you can help transition the world to a clean energy future.  

This information is meant to share, so please pass it along to your friends and family. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy this special day.

Brian and Perrin

Renewable Energy Generation

While slower than we would want, clean energy growth continues to build globally and reports show that  2018 was another strong year. New studies confirm that the world could be affordably and entirely powered by renewables for electricity, transportation and heat by 2050.  In much of the US, operating new wind and solar installations is now cheaper than existing coal fired generators.  This economic reality is forcing record numbers of coal fired plants to close, and renewable generation additions are expected to far outpace gas in 2019.

More states are planning to eliminate coal and increase renewable energy installations, with big announcements recently from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Illinois, Hawaii, New York and Texas to name a few.  Renewable energy projects are creating job growth in rural communities, and clean energy jobs now outnumber fossil fuel jobs nearly three to one.   In some parts of the US we are seeing high schools creating new programs to prepare students for jobs in the renewables industry.

Corporations are forming alliances to help drive a renewable energy boom in the US and some companies are starting to expect their suppliers to convert to renewable energy just as they have done themselves.

Electric Vehicle Developments

Automakers continue to increase their commitment to electric vehicles with lots of exciting new options delivering in 2019 and 2020. Here in the US,  EV’s are cleaner than ever due to the increase in renewable energy in our electric grid.  A new bi-partisan bill has been introduced in Congress to extend the EV tax credits which would make it easier for more of us to replace our gas powered cars with clean EVs.

Thousands of orders have been placed for electric semi-trucks in the US and Europe and production is expected to begin this year.  Bus fleets are converting to electricity in Germany and California and the US market for electric busses is projected to be $2 Billion by 2024.  In some places, policies are being introduced to phase out gas powered cars altogether.

Batteries and Storage

Giant solar-storage facilities are going up around the world and battery storage is poised to soon replace natural gas powered “peaker plants” which supply peak load electricity. New creative ways to store energy are being explored like this plan to use abandoned mines in Michigan.

Buildings and Heat

More and more cities and states are introducing measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the buildings we occupy and convert homes to electricity for cooking and heating.

Heat pumps gain traction as more studies show the cost savings and emissions reduction potential of this home heating technology.

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