Fathers Day is almost here!

Here are some cool, clean energy ideas to make the father in your life feel special and to help make the world cleaner and more sustainable.

We hope you find this helpful and if you do, please pass it along to your friends. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy this family time.

Brian and Perrin

Clean Energy Garden Tools

Dads are doers and they love new tools, but gas powered lawn and garden equipment creates hundreds of times more toxic air pollution than automobiles. The California Air Resources Board estimates that by 2020, the leading cause of air pollution in California will be small gasoline engines like those in gas powered lawn tools. You can avoid the health risks from toxic emissions and the loud noise by switching to electric battery power.

New battery powered tools have plenty of run time and plenty of power, even for larger yards.

The American Green Zone Alliance rigorously tests electric tools and they recommend products from EGO, Oregon, and Stihl.

These tools will make your father happy because they start every time, require no maintenance, no filling and no spilling with messy gasoline and have plenty of power to get the job done well. You and your family will be happy because they are much quieter and produce no toxic emissions.

Clean Air Yard Services

Some dads don’t have the time to take care of the yard themselves and need some help. Just because you have a yard maintenance service doesn’t mean you need to breathe toxic emissions from the gas powered equipment and put up with the heavy noise. These contractors in Portland provide excellent yard care without using gas powered equipment.

Clean Air Lawn Care

Good Green Neighbors

Breakfast and EVs

Dads love being taken out to breakfast or lunch or even brunch! Combine a nice family meal with a visit to the FORTH EV Showcase to get some great information about EVs in Oregon. FORTH is conveniently located in downtown Portland, and they are open on Sundays! They have cars to look at and lots of information about charging stations, rebate programs and other info to demystify EVs. You can even make an appointment to take a test drive.

Happy Fathers Day!

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