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1. REPLACE your electricity with clean renewables

Take the first step to becoming a REPLACE household and a clean energy champion - Log on to your electric utility and choose a 100% renewable energy plan TODAY.

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One Third of the problem

Burning dirty coal and gas to generate electricity creates nearly 1/3rd of our total emissions.

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Dirty Coal and Gas

We have long relied on coal fired power generation which has devastating environmental impacts. Coal plants spew tons of toxic mercury, lead, arsenic, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides, and choking fine particulates into the air every year as well as millions of tons of CO2. There is no such thing as “clean coal” and fracked natural gas is only marginally better.

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The future of electricity

But now, clean renewable wind and solar are the cheapest sources of energy generation - even cheaper than existing gas and coal plants.

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Limitless energy

Wind and solar are nearly limitless sources of energy and they create ZERO emissions. Enough energy from the sun strikes the earth every few hours to power the entire planet for a year.


Storage is coming

Critics often dismiss the potential of renewable energy due to the need for storage, but battery technology is advancing rapidly and becoming more affordable every day. Some utilities are already installing large utility scale battery storage systems to replace expensive peak demand gas powered generation plants.

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The problem is…

Despite being cheaper and readily available technology, renewable energy is less than 15% of the electricity generation capacity in the US today. We need to rapidly replace dirty coal and gas generation plants with clean wind and solar. You can help accelerate the transition by spending your electricity dollars on renewable energy.


Choose clean energy

Nearly all of us can get clean energy directly from our electric utility. For only pennies a day in additional cost you can purchase 100% clean renewable electricity and send a signal to your electric utility and energy investors that you demand clean energy.

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Log on today

Go to your electric utility website and choose the 100% renewable energy plan. It will add a few dollars to your monthly bill for a typical household. The additional cost will go toward clean energy programs and new clean energy generation. Building a clean electric grid is the most important step to creating a clean future and this action will help to drive that transition.

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Renewable Energy Certificates

If your utility does not offer a green energy plan, you can buy renewable energy certificates equivalent to the electricity your household consumes. Buying RECs directly has the same benefits to enrolling in a green energy plan. Check the FAQs for more info.

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Rooftop Solar

If you have direct access to the sun on your property, then installing rooftop solar is a great way to get 100% renewable energy to your home and save money. Even in cloudy places like Oregon, rooftop solar can be very effective and tax incentives can take thousands of dollars off the installation costs. Combining solar with onsite storage is even better.

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Electrify everything

Renewable electricity is the foundation for clean energy for all our power needs. Look around you at all the things in your life that are powered with fossil fuels and REPLACE as many of them as possible with electric alternatives.


Log on to your Electric Utility website and sign up for a 100% Renewable Energy Plan TODAY!