REPLACE Stories - Electrify Everything 

LG Range-01.png

Brian and Perrin - Portland, OR

“We replaced our gas range with an LG Induction range. We have been cooking with gas for years. Our gas range was very new and we liked it, but we like the induction range even better. It is really quick to heat up and gives great temperature control. It simmers better than gas and it is so much easier to clean. Plus we love the warming drawer and use it almost every day for warming plates.”

Gas meter-01.png

Brian and Perrin - Portland, OR

“We replaced all our natural gas appliances with electric ones - the water heater, the furnace, the range, the fireplace insert. Then we disconnected our gas service and had the utility REMOVE our gas meter! It feels great to be completely off of gas. This house will never emit CO2 from burning natural gas again.”


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