REPLACE Stories - Electric Vehicles

Alison Leaf-01.png

Alison - Portland, OR

“We have owned our Leaf for 7 years...we will never drive a gas car again.  Electric cars are so fun to drive and no carbon emissions!”

VW eGolf-01.png

Perrin - Portland, OR

“We replaced our VW Golf TDI with a VW eGolf. I don’t even like cars that much, but this car is great! Its super fun to drive. It only has an 80 mile range, but it is perfect for daily driving. We just plug it right into the wall outlet to charge it. I love not having to go to the gas station.



Frank - Portland, Or

“You don’t notice the acceleration lag in gas cars until you drive an electric, and once you feel that instant torque you never want to go back to a dinosaur burner.  Plus the satisfaction of regenerative braking is warm and fuzzy.”


Robin - Portland, OR

“We couldn't be happier with our new electric car. Since 2003, we've driven hybrid vehicles, thinking we were doing our part. But now that we've gone fully electric, we aren't going back. With the new Tesla model 3, we get over 300 miles of range. I only plug in at home once per week.

Brian Tesla-01.png

Brian - Portland, OR

We replaced a Volvo SUV which got 22 MPG, with this Tesla Model 3. It has 4 wheel drive and I figure it will save us about $1,200 per year in gas and another $500 per year or so in maintenance. We drove it to California for thanksgiving and had no problem charging it on the road at the supercharger stations. We would stop every 2-3 hours for a coffee and charge up for 20-30 minutes. This car is so fun to drive its crazy!”


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