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3. REPLACE your gas furnace and water heater with clean electric heat pumps

Every year 8.5 million water heaters and 5.7 million furnaces are installed in the US. If your water heater or furnace is getting near the end of its useful life, REPLACE it today. Call your local heating and air conditioning contractors and get a quote. Enjoy the same heating and cooling benefits, save money in operating costs and help transition the world to new clean energy systems.

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Another one third of the problem

Burning dirty natural gas for heat is another large source of emissions and generates nearly 1/3rd of our total greenhouse gas emissions.

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Home Heating

Heat related emissions include industrial processes and the emissions related to extracting natural gas from the earth, but a large part of the total comes from burning natural gas to heat our homes and offices and to heat water.

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60 - 90 Tons of CO2

The average gas furnace and gas water heater combined will produce nearly 4 Tons of CO2 per year. These products typically last 10 to 15 years and over their lifetimes will produce 50 to 80 Tons of CO2.

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Heating innovation

Heating with natural gas has historically been the cheapest option but recent improvements to electric heat pump technology increase heating efficiency more than 300% . Prices of gas and electricity vary by region, but in general this means that heating with modern electric heat pumps is cheaper than heating with natural gas.


Heat pumps are familiar

Heat pumps are very efficient because they use very little energy to move heat. Heat pumps have been used for decades to move heat out of your refrigerator to keep it cold on the inside, and for air conditioning systems to cool your house.

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Home heating and cooling

The same heat pump technology can be used to heat and cool your home. Heat pumps can also be used to heat your water. Heat pump furnace and AC systems have been used in Europe and in the southern part of the US for many years. New high efficiency heat pumps are effective even in the coldest parts of the country.


Save money

An electric heat pump furnace and air conditioner is slightly more expensive than a high efficiency gas furnace and air conditioning unit but is cheaper to operate. An electric heat pump water heater is comparable in price to a high efficiency gas water heater and significantly cheaper to operate. In many states, rebates and incentives are available which lower the price of installing new heat pump systems. If your home is well insulated, electric heat pump systems can save you hundreds of dollars per year in operating costs.

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ZERO emissions

Most of the information available about heat pumps versus gas furnaces will be cautious about stating that one is better than the other regarding cost or performance. This may be because all the manufacturers and installers supply both options and because both options deliver affordable heating. But the evidence on emissions is clear and dramatic. Even with the current electric generation supply, heat pumps will produce 25 - 70% less carbon emissions than typical natural gas units depending on where you live. When you power your heat pumps with renewable energy, they produce ZERO emissions.


Major manufacturers

All major furnace and water heater suppliers in the US offer dependable electric heat pump models. Many of these brands have been manufacturing heat pumps for decades and have been part of the advancement of this technology.


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