REPLACE Stories - Heat Pumps

Water Heaters

Brian Water Heater-01.png

Brian and Perrin - Portland, OR

“We replaced a 10 year old high efficiency natural gas power vent water heater with a Rheem Prestige Hybrid water heater. The new one is quieter and gives us plenty of hot water. We use it on Heat Pump mode and it works great even when we have a house full of people. The energy guide label on the old unit said it would cost $281 per year to operate and this one says $110.”




Jules HP-01.png

Jules - Portland, OR

“When we decided to upgrade our home, we knew we wanted to get rid of our old oil furnace, and we wanted to future-proof our heating and cooling.  An electric heat pump made the most sense - we got both heating and air-conditioning, and we knew we could always run it off solar if we wanted to.  Now we have a system that is very cost-effective, comfortable, and part of our resilience plan.”

Alison Heat Pump-01.png

Alison - Portland, OR

“We just replaced our aging gas furnace for an electric heat pump.  We love the even heat it provides!  We thought our house was drafty but it turns out it was the forced air from the furnace.  By paying a little more for Clean Energy through our power company, we feel we are doing our small part to slow carbon emissions.”

Brian Furnace-01.png

Brian and Perrin - Portland, OR

“We replaced a 10 year old natural gas furnace with a Trane XV19 heat pump system. We chose this brand because they offered a compressor with a shape that fit better on our lot. We also like how quiet it is. It gives us great heat, and we can adjust the temperature when we are away on vacation. As a bonus we have air conditioning now.”


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