Myth #7 It’s too late to stop climate change

Today we are continually bombarded with evidence of the lasting changes to the planet that are the result of our greenhouse gas emissions. It is easy to fall prey to this myth - that it is not possible to stop these changes and create a clean future. This myth is largely the result of the false belief that the solutions to the problem do not exist. In fact, nearly all the solutions we need for a clean future are right here today.

Renewable energy is the lowest cost form of energy generation already in many areas, and the prices continue to fall on this technology.

Energy storage options continue to proliferate and the cost of them is falling rapidly.

Once the electric grid is converted to renewable energy, it will be possible to power all our heat and transportation energy needs from that clean source.

Battery powered transportation is already affordable and available for many of our mobility needs and the new developments in this area mean that soon we will have clean transportation options for trucking, shipping and even air travel.

The worst result of this myth is that it can prevent us from taking the actions that we can take today. Yes there are developments that are not ready to scale in some cases, but that should not prevent us from adopting the solutions that are here now. Individual Replace actions taken today can prevent the accumulation of tens of tons of greenhouse gas emissions over the next years.

And please remember that all of these Replace actions bring the additional benefits of cleaner air and water and safer jobs and less destruction to our natural habitat.