REPLACE Stories - Renewable Electricity 


Robin - Portland, OR

“Ten years ago, we had switched over our home's electricity to PGE's Green Source for 100% renewable energy, which is now powering our car too. We love the feeling that we've replaced a huge amount of our carbon footprint. I'm trying to get all of my facebook friends to switch to their local utility companies' renewable option and to buy electric cars whenever possible."


Robert - Los Angeles, CA

"I recently switched my power plan to the LADWP Green Power Program. I posted my confirmation email from LADWP on Instagram and was happy to see people respond who were already in similar programs or who were looking for more information to make the switch themselves. It's a good feeling making such a small contribution and I've been trying to keep encouraging others to do the same!"


Alison - Portland, OR

“We jumped at the chance to pay for Clean Energy. It was going to be slightly more expensive but worth it to increase demand for carbon-free renewable energy production”

Pacific Power-01.png

Brian - Hood River, OR

“We chose the Blue Sky 100% renewable energy plan from Pacific Power. I like that some of the money goes to local community based solar projects.”


Perrin - Portland, OR

“We replaced our electricity with the Green Power plan from PGE. They say it costs about $6 per month more than the standard plan.”


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