REPLACE Calculator

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How many CO2 emissions per year will a typical household avoid by taking the REPLACE actions*?

Check out the list below to see the effectiveness each of the actions we have been discussing.

For each REPLACE action, the yearly emissions will stop accumulating in the atmosphere FOREVER!

REPLACE electricity with a Renewable Energy Plan 7,950 lbs or 4.0 Tons /yr

REPLACE a gas powered car with an Electric Vehicle 10,750 lbs or 5.4 Tons /yr

REPLACE a natural gas water heater with a Heat Pump Water Heater 2,500 lbs or 1.25 Tons /yr

REPLACE a natural gas furnace with a Heat Pump Furnace  5,160 lbs or 2.6 Tons /yr

Total CO2 Emissions avoided for a household with 1 car 26,360 lbs or 13.25 Tons /yr

Total CO2 Emissions avoided for a household with 2 cars 37,110 lbs or 18.6 Tons /yr

What about other household items that burn fossil fuels?

REPLACE a natural gas range with an Electric Induction Range 248 lbs or 0.12 Tons /yr

REPLACE a charcoal BBQ grill with an Electric Grill 60 lbs or 0.04 Tons / yr

REPLACE a gas powered lawn mower with an Electric Mower 110 lbs or 0.06 Tons / yr

Helpful references for comparison

CO2 emissions from burning one Gallon of Gasoline 24 lbs

CO2 emissions from the production of 100 plastic water bottles 19 lbs

CO2 emissions from the production of 1/4 lb of ground beef** 8 lbs

CO2 absorbed per year by one mature, 10 year old Tree 48 lbs

* These values are based on national average household energy consumption from the 2015 EIA Residential Energy Consumption Survey, and national average values for electricity carbon intensity, and national averages for annual vehicle miles travelled. Actual values will vary depending on where you live in the country, how big your home is, how many people live in your home, your driving patterns etc.

**WRI - 19 MTonnes CO2 per 1 Million Calories of Beef, 193 Calories per 1/4 lb of 15% fat ground beef