The REPLACE Concept 


Climate change is real

Every day we hear more about the effects of climate change and we experience the planet warming.

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Many of us want to help

But we may be confused about what to do, or uncertain that our actions will really make a difference, or we may be overwhelmed by the scale of the problem.

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The truth is we can

Consumers play a critical role in transitioning the world to a clean future with clean air and water. The truth is that solutions exist and it is possible to make the transition to new clean energy systems without drastic changes to our lifestyles.


Scientists agree

We need to cut our emissions by 80% to avoid the worst effects of climate change - and we need to do it soon.

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The sources are clear

Nearly all of our emissions in this country and all industrialized nations come from burning fossil fuels for Electricity, Transportation and Heat. All other sources of greenhouse gas emissions pale in comparison.


STOP the burning

The only way to effectively address climate change is to STOP burning dirty coal, petroleum and natural gas for these essential energy needs.

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The good news

For the first time in history, we now have clean and affordable alternatives to fossil fuels, and they are available TODAY.

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Its time for a new “R”

Waste reduction and energy efficiency are important, but to combat climate change we need to REPLACE fossil fuels based energy systems with clean sources of energy for Electricity, Transportation and Heat.

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1. Electricity

REPLACE your dirty coal and gas powered electricity with clean renewable energy by going to your electric utility website and choosing the 100% renewables plan.

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2. Transportation

REPLACE your gas or diesel powered car with an Electric Vehicle. EV’s are much cleaner, safer, cheaper to operate and more fun to drive.

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3. Heat

REPLACE your dirty natural gas powered furnace and water heater with a heat pump model, powered with clean electricity. You will save money in operating costs and enjoy clean heat.

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Enormous Impact

Its easy to underestimate the impact of these simple actions, but because they address persistent SOURCES of emissions, the cumulative effect is enormous. A typical REPLACE household will save 14 Tons of CO2 every year - FOREVER.


Save money

A typical household spends $4,000 per year on direct energy expenses for electricity, gasoline and natural gas. A REPLACE household would save over $1,000 per year in operating expenses and reduce their direct energy emissions to ZERO. And, the remaining $3,000 per year they spend on energy would all go to building the renewable energy systems we need for a clean future.

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Invest in clean systems

Average consumers like us collectively spend hundreds of billions of dollars each year on direct energy costs. If just 10% of the households in the US took these REPLACE actions, it would add up to an additional $20 Billion per year in clean energy investments. That would be a 33% increase over 2017 levels and accelerate the transition to the new clean energy systems we need.

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A clean future

By adopting a REPLACE strategy you will be helping to ensure clean AIR that is free from fossil fuels pollution, more available clean WATER, better paying and safer JOBS, reduced HEALTH expenses and a cleaner ENVIRONMENT free from oil spills, methane leaks, toxic waste, acid rain etc.

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Urgent action

Its time for a new “R” and its urgent that we act now. The sooner you REPLACE, the more your actions will help to reduce the accumulation of greenhouse gasses warming the planet and the sooner we can achieve a clean future.

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